My name is Pom-Pom the cheerleading bug. I live in Booneville, Mississippi in a rebel, in front of Anna Kate's house. I go to Booneville Bug High School. I am the captain of the CheerBug Squad. It is a lot of work being a Cheerbug, because we have to work on our flips and jumps. It is hard, because we are so small. When we are practicing we have to watch out to make sure we don't get stepped on. My best friend is Dixie the Rebel bug. I visit her at Ole Miss all the time. We even write each other letters. I also go to the rebel ballgames to watch her cheer, and she goes to the Booneville Blue Devils games to watch me cheer. Even if she lives far away we still stay in touch, because we are best friends.

If you don't know what I look like well then you're about to know. I have on a blue and gold cheerleading suit, yellow eyes, a blue mouth, and blue antennas. Also I am holding 2 blue pom-poms. I eat only veggies, and here are some of them I eat: herbs, carrots, potatoes, and lima beans. My species can live up to 50 or 60 years. We can also lift up to 5 times our body weight.

I want to tell you about the championship in Jackson that I went to this year. We were doing the dance the Fricky Dicky. This is the dance that led us to victory. When they announced to everyone that we had won, we first freaked out. Then we started to cry because it was our senior year. We were so sad because that would be the last time for us to be on the field. Then my boyfriend and I had our picture taken together. Well I got to go. Bye !!!

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