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Beneath the Surface Project

Procedures for Participation

  1. Classes wishing to participate must register.

  2. Once project registration has been confirmed, classes should research their state or local area's underground natural resources for the purpose of creating a electronic profile (a text file) for each. To engage more students and encourage cooperative learning, each class can research up to six (6) resources from their state.

  3. Each profile must include at least one student-generated digital image related to the resource. The digital image can be digitally photographed; hand-drawn, then digitally photographed or scanned; or created using a some kind of drawing/imaging software. Regardless of how the image is created, ALL must be submitted electronically in JPEG or GIF format (no larger than 100K).

  4. Each profile must include the following:
    • The name of the resource
    • At least one (1) digital image related to the resource
    • A word-processed narrative (1000 word limit) containing relevant facts. For example...
      • Where is the resource found in the state?
      • When and by whom was it first discovered?
      • What products are produced from/with it?
      • What role has it played in the history and/or economy of the state?
      • What quantities of the resource are mined or consumed each year?

  5. To encourage the use of online resources, the following web sites contain geological information and can be used as starting points.
  6. Attach the profile to an e-mail message and send it to the project coordinator by the ending date of the session.
  7. Once the profiles are received by the project coordinator, they will be posted to a special web site. You will be notified of the web site via e-mail.

How To Register
To register, send an e-mail to the Project Coordinator, Kevin Oliver, at Please include the following information in you e-mail.

  • Teacher name
  • School name
  • School address
  • Grade level of participating class
  • E-mail address (preferably the teachers)
  • URL of your school's website (if applicable)
  • Geographical setting of your school (urban, rural, or suburban)