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Beneath the Surface Project

In this project, classes will combine the study of geology and research skills to create an online guide book to the underground resources of the south.

Project Summary
From the mountains of the Carolinas to the Mississippi Delta, the geological resources of America's south is as diverse as its inhabitants. These resources, ranging from Florida's crystal clear spring water to the gold and coal of the southern Appalachian Mountains, have provided the southeast with benefits for the past two centuries.

This online project provides classes opportunities to learn about the treasured natural resources hidden "beneath the surface of America's southeast while exploring the roles those resources have played in the lives of its inhabitants.

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to participating classes.

Grade Level - 4-12

Project Objectives
This project provides an opportunity for classes to combine the study of geology and research skills.

Language Arts, Creative Writing, Social Studies,Science, Mathematics, Technology

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Updated 06/20/02