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Intensive Site School
in Arkansas

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District Facts

Contact- Jalna Mazzanti
Grades: K-12
# of students: 1141
# of teachers: 88
classroom computers: 204
media center computers: 13
computer lab computers: 81
Internet points: 185
Technology team: yes
Technology plan: yes

Lakeside School District
Highway 82 West
Lake Village, AR 71653

Lakeside School District is located in Lake Village, Arkansas-a small community of about 5,000 residents supported by agriculture and tourism. Lake Village is part of Chicot County, situated in the southeastern corner of the state bordering the Mississippi River. The district's four schools-Lakeside Lower Elementary (grades K-2), Upper Elementary (grades 3-5), Middle School (grades 6-8), and the High School (grades 9-12)-are on a two-building campus. Each building has access to Internet use though the Arkansas Public Schools Computer Network (APSCN). There are several computer labs throughout the district, some dedicated to computer-managed instruction and some with Internet connections and application software. A new addition to the high school's technology resources is the TOPS lab, a geographical imaging lab that offers students the opportunity to design solutions to problems in their community. At present, Lakeside students are helping redesign the district's bus routes and creating a detailed map of the school's landscape.

A Story to Tell: Teaming to Make a Technology Plan Work
Lakeside teachers know their teaching colleagues well. This small community's schools share a common campus and a common history. Lakeside students can complete 13 years of public school, beginning in the kindergarten classes at one end of the campus right up through graduation at the other end. This close proximity allows collaboration and teaming among the teachers who are part of SEIR*TEC's technology support activities.. Professional development sessions are held onsite in the high school computer lab, a short walk for teachers from the elementary and middle schools. Teachers can call on one another to practice their skills and troubleshoot problems. Participants who earlier expressed fear and distress at "knowing nothing" are working with more experienced teachers and are delighted with their increased knowledge and comfort level around computers. As the teachers at Lakeside School District begin to transfer their experiences to classroom activities for students, the benefits of learning together and having easy access to share expertise is evident as a key to making their technology plan successful.  In June 1999, a group of teachers and administrators participated in SEIR*TEC's  second annual School Team Academy in New Orleans. Here the team developed products aimed at developing strategies for well organized, functioning technology committees empowered to make decisions that further technology integration

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