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Intensive Site School
in Mississippi

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School Facts

Principal- Beverly Hill
Contact- Tammy Mauney
Grades: 5-8
# of students: 360
# of teachers: 25
classroom computers: 108
media center computers: 10
computer lab computers: 20
Internet points: 25
Technology team: yes
Technology plan: yes



Booneville Middle School
300-A West George Allen Drive
Booneville, MS  38827
(601) 728-8547

Booneville Middle School is located in the northeastern corner of Mississippi in the small, rural community of Booneville, MS. Light industry, factory work, and farming provide employment for the approximate 7,000 residents. Booneville Middle School is the sole middle school in the city with a student enrollment of 398 in grades 5-8. In the last few years, the school has experienced improvement in student achievement and was elected as one of eleven schools to achieve the state's highest academic level. The school has tapped into numerous sources to further expand technology use. A new environmental center with computer-equipped classrooms, laptop computers, and a two-way video connection has just been completed, funded from a $3 million grant.

A Story to Tell: Accomplishing a Vision takes Leadership and "That First Success"
At Booneville Middle School, there was a vision for the benefit technology could make to teaching and learning. That vision belonged to the school principal, Linda Clifton. Ms. Clifton had such a strong vision of how technology could benefit the students of Booneville Middle School that she began to seek help from many different sources. It took several attempts, but, once she had her first proposal funded, she built upon that "approval" of her vision to obtain additional resources. All the while, she urged, supported, and energized the teachers to incorporate technology into the classroom activities. From a few older computers to a fully networked school and a new, technology-rich science wing, this principal led the school staff to use technology to benefit student learning. In 1998, Booneville Middle School was recognized at the SchoolTech Expo Showcase of Model Schools as a school using technology to dramatically improve classroom learning. The leadership and the evidence of that "first success" firmly established the vision for the benefit of technology, a vision that continues to impact the school program. Today, teachers are initiators of ways to use technology for teaching and learning, a direct result of the initial vision, leadership, support, and resulting training and technical assistance.

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