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Intensive Site School
in North Carolina

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School Facts

Principal- Milton Frink
Grades: 6-8
# of students: 690
# of teachers: 55
classroom computers: 110
media center computers: 9
computer lab computers: 68
Internet points: 2
Technology team: yes
Technology plan: district


Central Middle School
Martin Luther King Blvd.
Whiteville, NC 28472

Central Middle School is located in southeastern North Carolina, in Whiteville, a community of about 5,000 people. The student population is about 35% minority with 62% receiving free or reduced lunch. The school includes grades 6-8 and offers many typical middle school programs from advisor-advisee to flexible scheduling for the media center to common planning time for team members to business partnerships and parental involvement efforts. Each classroom currently has at least one computer and the school is being wired for network and Internet connections. The school also has a remediation lab (HOTS) of 14 new computers and Internet connection. Teachers are beginning to use a mobile presentation station for demonstrations and introduction to software and Internet sites.

A Story to Tell: Training in a Void Wont Work
The days at Central Middle School are busy ones, as teachers and students strive to increase student achievement. Technology resources are available and, in the past few years, have continued to increase in quantity and capability. Recently, a major difference in the level of use of technology for teaching and learning is beginning to occur. Students are developing multimedia reports and searching the Internet; teachers are teaching with a mobile computer presentation station and incorporating web sites in their lesson plans. This change has been brought about by a change to curriculum-focused technology training, the availability of up-to-date equipment, and access to an instructional technology resource person to help the teachers. Teachers are attending sessions on technology resources for specific curriculum topics, have the same resources to use after the training, and can obtain follow-up assistance from the resource staff member. This combination of curriculum-focused training with resources available and on-site support has made the difference.

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