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Intensive Site School
in Puerto Rico

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School Facts

Principal- Luisa Leon
Grades: K - 6
# of students: 416
# of teachers: 27
computers: 30
Internet points: 0
Technology team: yes
Technology plan:



Antonio S. Pedreira School
Calle Argel, Esq. Andorra
Puerto Nuevo
San Juan, PR
(787) 782-1030

Dr. Antonio S. Pedreira Elementary School is a K-6 school located in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. The school serves approximately 400 students, most of whom are bused from housing projects across the city. The school is open from 8am until 5pm, each day, offering students extended educational activities based on students interests. The school embraces whole language learning and a totally integrated curriculum based on student-selected themes. Educational materials, including textbooks, are used mostly as reference materials. The school has received many awards for its commitment to a student-driven approach to teaching and learning and for demonstrating continuous academic achievement. Technology resources at Escuela Pedreira are limited. A computer lab for early reading and math programs exists and computers have been placed in grades 4-6 classrooms for student projects. Unfortunately, electrical problems and a break-in to the computer lab (in 1997) have hampered the use of technology.

A Story to Tell:It Takes All Types of Sparks
A couple of years ago, Antonio S. Pedreira staff changed the way kids at their school are educated. They introduced theme-based, student-generated curriculum. This spark generated interest among the students and support from several partners. Alas, changes occurred and the spark disappeared. In the last two years, the staff has added technology resources, bit by bit. A technology committee was formed and they began to develop a vision of what technology could do for the students. Now, the spark is back in the student-centered curriculum as children use technology in their projects. They just need more technology to use. Two additional sparks are needed, though. One is the electrical system. The current system is inadequate for technology connections. The other needed spark is leadership. A principal needs to be hired, a person who will be a champion for technology and student-centered activities. When all the sparks are in place, the learning at Pedreira School will be a model of authentic learning supported by technology tools.  
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