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Intensive Site School
in South Carolina

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School Facts

Principal- Dr. Jon Burwell
Grades: 6-8
# of students: 580
# of teachers: 40
classroom computers: 70 approx.
media center computers: 2
computer lab computers: 48
Internet points: 40
Technology team: yes
Technology plan: school



Rosemary Middle School
613 Jones Avenue
Andrews, SC 29510
(843) 264-3404

Rosemary Middle School is located in Andrews, SC, which is a small, rural manufacturing community near Georgetown on the SC coast. The school enrollment is approximately 580 students in grades 6-8, with 58% minority students. Rosemary implemented the middle school concept in 1996. Since then, the school has moved to teacher teams, heterogeneous grouping, block scheduling, advisor-advisee opportunities, and electives. Overall goals for the school are to improve achievement in all core subjects and to improve reading and writing. Each classroom has at least one computer that is connected to the school network and to the Internet. Students and teachers can access the media center on-line card catalog and the Accelerated Reader program from the networked classroom workstations, also.

A Story to Tell: Making Technology Seamless
Teachers at Rosemary Middle School do not have to sign up for computer use in a school lab; they have at least one networked station in their own classroom. Since the school campus consists of several separate buildings, each building has a large-screen presentation station and a digital camera for classes to use. Having the technology nearby is making a difference as teachers, one-by-one and in groups, are using the technology resources in their lessons and asking students to use technology to complete assignments. Whether it is an eighth-grade science teacher documenting science class rocket launches with a digital camera for the school web page or a language arts teacher teaching technology research skills or a remedial reading teacher leading Internet searches on sites mentioned in class readings, the students are beginning to experience the seamless use of technology as just another learning tool.
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