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Multimedia Projects

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Collaborative Projects and Research 
A list of projects as well as "how to" guides. 
Friendship Through Education
Includes projects designed to create opportunities for global interactions among today's youth.
Global SchoolNet's Internet Projects Registry
Search for a project, add your project, or utilize one of the project templates as your own.
I*EARN Learning Circles 
Learning Circles are highly interactive, project-based partnerships among a small number of schools located throughout the world. Each session is 14 weeks.
KIDPROJECT '97: KIDLINK Special Projects for Youth 10-15
Teachers and youth group leaders from around the world plan activities and projects for students and other kids to take part in.
Learning Circle
A structural approach to promoting cross-classroom collaboration with telecommunications.
NickNacks: Collaborative Education on the Internet 
Provides an overview of projects as well as a design process for your own project.
TEAMS Projects
Internet projects designed to involve students in collaborative activities that extend and enhance student understanding of the concepts they are learning.
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