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Welcome to the website of the National Center for Homeless Education at SERVE. The Center provides research, resources, and information enabling communities to address the educational needs of children and youth experiencing homelessness.

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Homeless and Special Education Administrative Collaboration: Recommendations
This proceedings document, originating from a policy forum hosted jointly by NCHE and Project Forum, introduces the reader to the unique challenges that administrators face as they support the implementation of services for homeless children with disabilities. The document presents findings from an online forum in the areas of policy, practice, and recommendations for change. Recommendations focus on the areas of expediting enrollment and the provision of services, and coordinating programs and services. The appendices contain additional information and sample forms.
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Classrooms with Revolving Doors: Recommended Practices for Teachers of At-Risk and Highly Mobile Students
Teachers whose classrooms seem to have revolving doors with students entering, withdrawing, and even re-entering throughout the school year, face a variety of challenges in meeting the needs of such highly mobile students and their more stable peers. These information briefs (one for elementary teachers, another for middle school and high school teachers) highlight some of those challenges and offers recommendations to teachers based on our exploration of the literature and case studies of award-winning teachers with a variety of students in their classrooms who moved frequently.
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