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from NECC 2001

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View presentations delivered by SEIR*TEC staff at NECC 2001.

The Ultimate Question: Does Your Technology Program Work?
After millions of dollars have been spent on technology in schools, taxpayers are starting to question the worth of their investments. Do you know how to answer their questions? Do you know if your technology program is working? This presentation helps you answer four key questions:
  1. Why is the evaluation of technology programs such a challenge?
  2. What are the key elements of a technology program evaluation plan?
  3. What does the evaluation process look like?
  4. What are some hints for successful evaluation?

Spin the SEIR*TEC Professional Development Wheel for Successful Technology Integration
During the past five years SEIR*TEC has provided professional development opportunities to school, district, and state teams throughout the Southeast.  These experiences have provided rich opportunities to study professional development processes and strategies and to document practices that lead to effective teaching with technology.

Online Resources for Electronic Accessibility and Assistive Technologies
In this mini-workshop. visit websites that provide information about current research, services, products, tools and resources that can assist educators in meeting the learning needs of individuals with disabilities.
Great Resources at GRITSonline
Explore SEIR*TEC’s new website full of classroom resources on the Southeast and check out the state standards-based thematic projects and Gritzley the Bear’s collaborative activity!
Use the Web as a Space for Interdisciplinary Teaching
Why are teachers finding it difficult to integrate the Web into pre-existing curricula and pedagogies?  Discover tips on how some teachers have reevaluated curriculum goals as well as teacher and student roles to effectively integrate Web-based projects into their classrooms.

NECC 2001 Presenter Handouts are now available online.


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