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SEIRNews Archives

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Welcome to the SEIRNews Archives.  Did you read about a web-based resource in a previous issue of SEIRNews, but can't remember the URL? Now you can view previous issues of SEIRNews by simply clicking on the Issue.  

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Volume 3, Issue 3 - October 2001
In this Issue
1.  Helping Children Understand the Terrorist Attacks
2.  Assess Your Child’s Hidden Talent
3.  Pump Up Your Curriculum With Pumpkins
4.  Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month
5.  Resources for Cultural Arts in the Classroom
6.  Explore Recent Advances in Genetics
7.  Fun Activities about the Sun
8.  Teacher Resource Website

Volume 3, Issue 2 - September 2001
In this issue:
1. Online Certification to Use Chess in the Classroom
2. Website to Integrate Technology into Instruction
3. View the World's Oceans from your Classroom
4. Search for Missing History in "The Lost Museum"
5. Mysteries and Adventures Website Experience
6. Identifying Costs and Sources of Funding
7. Computers for Learning

Volume 3, Issue 1 - August 2001
In this issue:
1. Students Can Learn How to Prevent Pollution 
2. Science/Nature Activities for Kids
3. Technology Integration Resources Developed by Teachers
4. Website on Raising Educational Quality Standards
5. NASA Science Website
6. Grants Available for Talent Search Program
7. NEC Foundation Science and Technology Grants

Volume 2, Issue 9 - May 2001
In this issue:
1.  Filtering Kit for E-rate Schools
Explore Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Web Resources on Mesa Verde National Park
4.  Breaking Racial Barriers: A Look at Jackie Robinson
HowStuffWorks.com Online Encyclopedia
6.  AT&T Awards for Educators
7.  Free Education Leadership Toolkit

Volume 2, Issue 8 - April 2001
In this issue:
1.  School Team Academy Deadline Approaching
2. Visit a Science Museum Without Leaving Your Classroom
3. Find Out What’s Happening in Space
4. A-Bomb WWW Museum Brings History to Life
5. Foreign Policy Lesson Plans
First Lady Issues Early Reading Program Guide for Parents
7. Physical Activity Strategies on the Web
Internet Innovator Award Program

Volume 2, Issue 7 - March 2001
In This Issue:
1.  Customizing Your Technology Assessment 
2.  Happy St. Patrick's Day Fun
3.  Aesop's Fables Online Exhibit
4.  Participate in NEA Reading Celebration
5.  High-Tech Summer Academy at Stanford
6.  Youth Social Action Contest
7.  Take Students to a Virtual Zoo

Volume 2, Issue 6 - February 2001
In This Issue:
1.  A Celebration of Black History Website
2.  Make a Valentine's Wreath With Your Students
3.  The Rain Bird Rain Forest Curriculum
4.  Free Phone Service for your Classroom
5.  Student Website Contest
6.  C-SPAN 2001 Middle & High School Teacher Fellowships
7.  NASA CONNECT Offers Instructional Program Series

Volume2, Issue 5 - January 2001
In This Issue:
1.  A Walk Through the 20th Century Lesson Plan
2.  Hail to the Chief Lesson Plan
3.  Math & Science Teaching Awards
4.  Redesigned Comprehensive Centers Website
5.  Standards and Benchmarks Compendium is Expanded
6.  New Jersey Online's Yucky Site
7.  Presidential Fun Facts Website

Volume 2,  Issue 4 - December 2000
In this issue:
1. Classroom Activity on Use of Light in Holiday Celebrations
2. "All I Want for Christmas is a Nice, Clean Earth" Lesson Plan
3. CNNfyi.com Websites for News-Related Lessons Plans
4. Grants for Educator Programs
5. Government Services at Your Fingertips
6. Lesson Plan: How Much Water Do You Use?
7. Build a Web Community

Volume 2, Issue 3 - November 2000
In this issue:
1.  Grab A Helpin' of GRITS
2.  New Internet Search Tools Guide
3.  Website for Rural School Resources
4.  SUNRAY Virtual Library
5.  Submissions for Technology Excellent Principals
6.  Free Resources Available on Internet
7.  21st Century Teacher Network

Volume 2, Issue 2 - October 2000
In this issue:
1.  Theme-Related Resources at Gander Academy
2.  Newsletter Provides Weekly Online Lesson Plans
3.  Blue Web’n Learning Sites Library
4.  About.com Provides Tips for Secondary Educators
5.  Enhance Learning with DiscoverySchool.com
6.  Handbook for Beginning Teachers Available
7.  NASA Sponsors Student Space Writing Competition

Volume 2, Issue 1 - September 2000
In This Issue
1.  Back to School Activities for the Classroom
2.  Survival Guide for New Teachers Now Available
3.  American Memory Website Now Includes Florida Folk Life
Educational Technology Project Contest for Florida Schools
5.  Nominate Educators for Technology in Reading Education Award
6.  PBS Children’s TV Series Offers Teaching Resources
7.  Making History Relevant to Your Students

Volume 1, Issue 8 - June 2000
In This Issue
1.  Minnesota Online Museum Encourages Art Appreciation
2.  Free Piano Lessons Available on the Net
3.  Virtual Field Trips Website Provides Learning Experience from the Classroom
4.  Millennium Challenge Allows Exchange with Students Around the World
5.  Art Learning Network Offers Free Drawing Classes
6.  Educators Create Website to Teach Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar
7.  Educational News Service Offers K-12 Resources

Volume 1, Issue 7 - May 2000
In This Issue
1.  Resources Available to Trace the Rise and Fall of the Vikings
2.  American Memory Collection Brings History to Life
3.  The Yellow Brick Road Goes in a New Direction
4.  Smaller Learning Communities Grant Program
5.  National Awards Program for Effective Teacher Preparation
6.  Class Devises Their Own Version of Oprah
7.  Teacher Connects School with Student’s Homes

Volume 1, Issue 6 - April 2000
In This Issue
1.  Easter Holiday Lesson Plans and Activities
2.  Celebrate Earth Day in Your Classroom
3.  Safe Web Sites Links for Kids
4.  Apply to Participate in Educational Research Institute
5.  Take Students on a Virtual Field Trip
6.  Salute Each National Event with Certificates
7.  Annenberg/CPB Professional Development Series

Volume 1, Issue 5 - March 2000
In This Issue
1.  Gardening Ideas for the Classroom
2.  Internet Database Links State Standards
3.  Memorial Dedicated to African-American Civil War Units
4.  Afterschool.gov: Web Site Links for Kids and Teens
5.  Election 2000 Essay Contest
6.  Techniques to Introduce Folklife to K-12 Curriculum
7.  Fish Farming May Open New World for Students
8.  Teen TechFest Challenge

Volume 1, Issue 4 - February 2000
In This Issue

1.  USDOE Publications Available On-line
2.  eSchool News identifies top 30 School Technology Players
Nick News Airs Episodes on Black History
4.  Web-Traveller’s Toolkit for Children’s Literature Web Sites
5.  Tampa Bay Online Explores Black History
6.  Resource Guide for Science Fair Projects
7.  Music Teacher Celebrates African-American Influence in Blues and Jazz

Volume 1, Issue 3 - January 2000
In This Issue
1.  Exploring Colonial Life
2.  Walk in the Footsteps of Alexander the Great
3.  Chat Series on Students with Learning Disabilities
Web Site Redesign to Address More Educational Needs
5.  Wish the World a Happy Valentine’s Day
6.  Students Invited to Show “I Have a Dream,” TOO
Educational Community Creates K-12 Search Engine

Volume 1, Issue 2 - November/December 1999
In This Issue
1.  AmericaQuest Team Explores Ancient Mysteries
2.  GTE Foundation Provides Math and Science Grants
3.  CNN Teacher Professional Development
4.  Inspiration Software, Inc. Offers Teacher Scholarships
5.  Help for Educators that Advance Technology
6.  Technology Change Begins with Commitment

Volume 1, Issue 1 - October 1999
In This Issue
1.  Search Ten Gives Learning a New Twist
2.  The Internet Road Starts Here
3.  Calling All Multimedia Maniacs
4.  Kid on Campus Gives Bugs Eye View
5.  Junior Sleuths Discover Art from the Past
6.  Tips on How to Create “Project-Based Learning with Multimedia”

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