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Technology is something that transforms education for students. By reading tech prime essay we see that technology empowers students by making education relevant to their digital lives. In the last decade, states have implemented content standards, testing programs, and accountability mechanisms as primary tools for raising student achievement. As a result, teachers and administrators need ongoing support in organizing teaching and learning around more rigorous standards and in building cultures that use assessment information to improve learning outcomes. In this topic area, you will find information and resources on assessment and accountability emerging from SERVE's work in the Southeast over the last 15 years. A primary focus for SERVE's work is building educator capacity to use assessment to improve learning. This topic area is organized into four sections as shown below. The fourth section, Accountability for Instructional Quality, shares the work of some southeastern districts working with SERVE to improve the quality of assignments and assessments teachers give students. Learn more about:

  • Improving assessment practices at the classroom level
  • Improving assessment practices at the school level
  • Assessment and accountability issues at the state level
  • Accountability for instructional quality