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Over the past five years, SERVE's work in assessment and accountability at the district level has focused on exploring with district partners what it really means for a school district to hold itself accountable for not just the ends (student achievement) but also for the means to the ends (the quality of instruction happening in classrooms).

The thinking and tools that have emerged out of SERVE's partnership with a consortium of districts, called SERVE Leads, is organized into four components.


  • Defining a Vision
  • Selecting a Focus
  • Professional Development
  • Monitoring Instruction
  • District Consortium

Link to Defining a Vision for the Classroom Web Page Link to Selecting a focus for Student Quality Work Web Page Link to Structuring Professional Development Web Page

  1. Defining a Vision for the Classroom
  2. Selecting a Focus: Quality Work for Students
  3. Structuring Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers
  4. Monitoring Instructional Quality
  • For more information and resources on the work of SERVE's District Consortium (called "SERVE-Leads" ), click here.
  • For further reading on district approaches to improving Instructional Quality, click here.