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In the News with Gritzley
Read the headlines and click on the stores produced and written at Port Royal Elementary School in Beaufort, South Carolina

Professor, Beaufort Jasper Histories Connected
Ridgeland-Beaufort and Jasper counties share interesting moments in history. Lawrence Rowland a professor emeritus at the University of South Carolina Beaufort. For instance, Hardeeville was a part of Beaufort County until 1951. Rawland has already written one book on Beaufort County's history and co-authored another.


Parade, Ceremony Highlights Memorial Day
Beaufort plans traditional activities on Monday to honor fallen American military heroes. The Parris Island Marine Corps Band will lead the parade, which will include bands from Battery Creek and Beaufort thigh Schools. A Memorial Day program in the national cemetery will follow the parade. Monday will be a holiday for many in the area.


Flags over Beaufort Events Begin Today
May 31 is the day the foundation will host self-guided tours of historical Port Royal. Tours will begin at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm at the Old Post Coffeehouse. There will be a guided tour of Union church. At 7pm May 19 the Beaufort Youth Orchestra on 11th Street in Port Royal, admission is free. Proceeds go toward renovation of the Union Church.


Battle Color Ceremony Comes to Beaufort
The Marine Corps will show its colors Wednesday and Thursday. They will go at the Marine Corps Air Station and Marine Corps Recruit Depot. The battle color ceremony begins at the Air Station at 6pm Wednesday and Thursday. The event features "The Commandment's Own." More info about the ceremony can be found at


Law Enforcement Target Litter Bugs This Weekend
This weekend litterbugs are in big trouble. They are especially on the watch this weekend. There is a Palmetto Pride group that is helping keep streets clean. They have imposed a $500-$1000 fine with a possibility of jail time or community service. Watch out litterbugs!


MCAS Practices Carrier Landing
More jet noise than usual will be hard in the skies over Beaufort through next week. F/A-18 pilots from Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort conduct filed carrier landing practice. The training is necessary in preparation for a schedule deployment later this year. The added noise is crated as pilots use increased engine thrust while simulating a landing on an aircraft deck.


Daise: Pride in Gullah Culture Growing
The Gullah culture has not received as much attention as it should. Well not until it was covered by the medial. Media coverage such as, "Gullah Gullah Island" and "Daughters of the Dust." Though movies didn't show the right image of the Gullah culture.


Accreditation Group Find Faults at BHS
More than 100 people met in the BJS cafeteria on Wednesday to look at a report of the school. The community profile is a thick document that contains information on demographics, school calendars, and course descriptions. The production of a community profile is a part of a self-assessment process required for SACS. An April report from the SACS peer review community states that it is withholding its recommendation.


Who Wants to Be The Weakest Link?
Laura Snyder of Hilton tried out for a game show. The show is called the Weakest Link. She and her family all tried out. They may not find out for a week before filming though. Good luck Laura.


Car Crash Kills Power for Hours
On Mothers Day someone crashed into a telephone poles behind the Cross Creek Shopping Center. This resulted in a loss of power. Many stores were affected by this loss. Both Paninis and Wal-Mart lost power. Wal-Mart was closed unless you were already inside.


Protecting Sea Turtles
The rate of survival for loggerhead sea turtles is very little for the turtles born on Beaufort County's beaches. Newly hatched sea turtles along with a lot of females preparing to lay their eggs are easily frightened by the lights. Baby sea turtles mistake the lights for stars and because of this they go inland instead of seaward. Loggerhead turtles are protected under the endangered and threatened species list.


Pets in the Park
Animal lovers gathered in Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park for the 12th annual Pets in the Park. Most people brought dogs although there were a few cats and snakes. The association wants to grow the Pets in the Park program into a pet expo.


Witches Cast Spell at Bee
Like last year, cries of "who let the dogs out" and the ghastly Grim Reaper were heard and seen at the Heritage Club courtesy of the Child Abuse Prevention Association Spelling Bee. CAPA is an organization designed to combat child abuse. It has a shelter for abused children and a thrift store that provides clothing and other needs for abused children.


Elementary Pupils Record Songs for CD
The voices of Bluffton Elementary pupils blended together Friday. The youngsters' eyes never wandered from their teacher. During a recording session of songs meant to instill patriotism. School spirit and good character.


Guardian of Gullah
Marquetta Gooderine is the representative of the Gullah culture. Through her care the Gullah culture is better understood. She has the respect of the culture. They picked her as the representative. She has worked hard and deserves her position.


Damaged Power Line Causes Outage
A damaged power line and upgrade work on Lady's Island left 1,569 South Carolina Electric and Gas customers without power Wednesday afternoon. The power went out at 2:19pm and in some areas traffic lights went out. The outage was cause by two events. A contractor on Cat Island was digging near the primary power line there and cut the line. Power was stored to all but 50 customers on Lady's Island by 2:55p.m. Another power outage Thursday at Pigeon Point was caused by a tree limb falling on a power line which left 400 customers without power for four hours.


Beaufort High Girls Co-champions in Track
Beaufort High got a strong performance across the board and ended up needing every point they can get. Performances include state championship titles by Sierra Douglas in the triple jump. The relay team also includes fellow Senior Jolyn Kemp as well as Deandra Jackson.


Animal Adopters Can Surf the Web for a Pet
The Petfinder website is a website linked to 3,500 animal shelters. It enables pet lovers to find a pet over the Internet. It has information on all kinds of pets. You can search by categories to insure you get what you want. This new method will hopefully increase adoption percents.


Mothers Day
Weather they are called Rhea, the Greek Mother of Gods; or Rachel Hodges, the first lady of South Carolina. May 12, 2002 was a day of national recognitions of the roles they play in the world. Without mothers, the world couldn't procreate and we wouldn't be here. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson officially proclaimed Mothers Day as a national holiday. Today is the 130th anniversary since a U.S. Mothers Day was first suggested. Motherhood is hard work and it is done well by millions and most of the time it's a thankless job. Comedian Bill Cosby once spoke for many husbands and children when he said, "I've seen that job-and I don't want it!"


Walkway to Help Fisherman Heal
Less than 25 yards separate the back porch of Roy Altman's home from his pier on Hazard Creek. Roy Altman says that's a path he hasn't even considered walking down in more than 8 months. On October 8 of last year, Altman fell while boarding his boat, docked behind his home on Red Bluff Island. Despite injuring his back, he continued fishing that day. After the fall, Altman went to get back x-rays and the doctors found a spot his lung. With a walker replacing his fishing pole, getting out to the pier where he watched his grandchildren and great grandchildren learn to swim seemed impossible-until recently. During the past month, the Altmans' son-in-law, Van Peeples, tore up and rebuilt the concrete walkway. Altman's wife Evelyn, 80, said, "This will mean a lot to his recovery."

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Updated 8/22/02