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Southern LiterBEARy Portraits
Judy Blume

picture of Judy Bloom

Protrait provided by Ms. Sands Class,
Binks Forest Elementary School

Judy Blume is a fiction writer that lives part time in Key West, Florida and writes for children and adults all over the world. As a child, she loved to make up stories in her head. Now, she gets her ideas from things that happened to her children and her grandchild. She is VERY proud of her three children, one grandson, and one grand-dog! It is interesting that her grandson's very first word was 'BOOK'.
Judy was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey and shares her birthday with Abraham Lincoln-February 12th. In fourth grade she started to become outgoing, before that she was very shy. When she was younger, she wanted to be a cowgirl, a detective, or a spy. She did not want to be like her dad, who was a dentist. Her mother was a homemaker.
When she was a young child, she loved making up stories in her head. Sometimes she got ideas as she played the piano, other times when she bounced a ball, and still other times as she played with paper dolls. She did many things as a child that are still done today, including: roller skating (roller blades weren't invented yet), horseback riding, and going to the movies.
This fiction author lives with her husband George, part time in Key West, Florida. George writes non-fiction books. Over the years, she has written 22 books, two of which are adult novels. Judy Blume's books have been translated into more than 20 different languages and have sold more than 75,000,000 copies all over the world! It takes more than a year for a book to be written. This author's greatest fear is that she will not be able to finish a rough draft for the stories. Her books are always dedicated to her family members, mostly her children Randy and Larry. However, some are dedicated to her mother and to her husband, George. She has readers of all ages who write to her and share their feeling and concerns.

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