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Southern LiterBEARy Portraits
Judy Blume


New York University is where she went to college. After graduating in 1961, this wonderful author has gone on to earn many distinguished awards-over 90 in all!
A favorite place to write is a writing cabin that she goes to on an island. The cabin is far enough away from the house to make it feel very private. During the summer months (her favorite time of year) she goes there and writes from early morning until noon. Speaking of favorites, purple is her favorite color. It is not always fun to be a writer. Sometimes, she gets very lonely when she works all alone, but she loves to create and enjoy her characters.
The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo was Judy Blume's first book to be published. This feat was accomplished at the age of twenty-seven. The One in the Middle is a Green Kangaroo tells about a second grade student who wants to do something to make him special. He is the child in the middle and feels left out most of the time. Judy enjoys this book because it was her first book published and has been through three printings.
The Pain and the Great One has characters that are brothers and sisters that explain how the other one is liked more by their parents. One rainy afternoon, Judy Blume got the idea to write this book when her children were young and had friends over to visit. The two characters in the book are based on her children Larry and Randy. Out of all of the children's books she has written, this one is the favorite! (And Randy and Larry sometimes still call each other as "The Pain" and "The Great One".
Freckle Juice is the last of her young children's books. In this story, Nicky wanted freckles like his classmate Andrew so his mother would never make him wash his neck again! The title for this book came first, before the story. When her daughter used to play in the tub and make a mess with powder, water, and shampoo. Randy used to call this "Freckle Juice", and Judy Blume thought that this was a great idea for a book.
These are the facts that we have learned over the past two weeks. The stories we read we exciting because there were a lot of details about children and you never know what is going to happen next. Her books are interesting because the children play games, like Fudge playing Hide and Seek with Tootsie. The books are colorful in many different ways and also, very funny.

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