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Gritzley's Journal
At Binks Forest Elementary School

April 10th, 2002
Picture of Gritzley with on the computer
On Gritzley's first trip to the computer lab, Ryan and I did Map Quest. It is a web site that you can go to so that you can figure how long it will take to go to someplace, like from your house to the school.
This was my first time trying cafeteria food&it's really not all that bad!

April 11th, 2002

Molly taught me more about the moon. The moon is really dusty because of asteroids that hit it. The moon changes colors like green and yellow. You think the moon is half but it is really whole you just can't see the whole moon. The sun makes it this way. That's what Molly taught me.

April 12th, 2002

In-class presentation about recycling
From the Solid Waste Authority
Of Palm Beach County

What Gritzley is learning here is about what things go in the yellow or blue bins for recycling.
Gritzley is learning where all the garbage is going. It is going to this place called the dump. The metal detector picks up the metal cans and takes them to a place that grinds them.


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