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Gritzley's Journal
At Binks Forest Elementary School

April 23, 2002

I have met many new friends. The new friends in my new class are very nice. I go places with them and I go to fine arts with them. I read with them when I came to Florida. I like learning about Judy Blume.
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April 24, 2002

Josh taught me Karate and some of the moves and how to do them. First in order to punch you need to use your hands, but to keep yourself from getting hit in the head you need to have your guard up, too. Well that's what I'm going to explain. Next to have a good guard you need to do good pushups. Last, he taught me how to do pushups. You have to do pushups if you are goofing off. Finally, those are some of the moves he taught me.

April 25th, 2002

Michael, the teacher's son, came to school today for "Take Your Child to Work Day". He was very nice and funny. He called Kaitlin "Trouble Maker" all day long. She got her name when Michael was walking group 3 to the library and Kaitlin forgot her books and had to go back to the room.