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Gritzley's Scrapbook of Greenville, South Carolina

By Mrs. Morton's Kindergarten Class

I, Gritzley Bear, visited Westcliffe Elementary in Greenville Elementary from December 3 to December 14, 2001.

During this time I got to help make Christmas decorations and also helped make presents for the students' kindergarten families. I loved going to the cafeteria with the students for breakfast and lunch; I got to go with the quietest student in line. Also, I got to set with someone during cener time, recess time, math and science time, story time, show and tell time, and rest time.

One project that we did while I was at Westcliffe was to make an "ABC" Christmas Tree. I loved the "ABC" Christmas Tree that we made so much that I wanted my picture taken by it.

I will miss Westcliffe and all the Kindergarten students I made friends with. All of the students wished me a "Merry Christmas!" They look forward to seeing my visit with them on MY web page.

So long Westcliffe and Greenville, South Carolina!

Picture of Gritzley drawn by Charles