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Where in the Southeast is Gritzley?

State & Local Facts

Wellington Florida
Binks Forest Elementary

American Alligators are the state reptile of Florida. Alligators live in canals, lakes, swamps, and other wetlands.
Male panthers can get up to seven feet long. The female panthers can get up six feet long. The coat of the panther is like a deer's coat.
The state gem is the moonstone. The year it was found was 1970. The astronauts left from Florida when they went to the moon.
The state butterfly is called the 'zebra long wing'. It is most common in the Florida Everglades.
The equator is an imaginary line, which divides our two hemispheres, northern and southern. The
latitude of Wellington is 26:40:45.235N and the longitude is 80:17:5.118W.
Florida is a wet state. This state has the most rain out of every state. The average rain 2.9 inches in April.

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Updated 04/22/02