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Where in the Southeast is Gritzley?

State & Local Facts

Booneville, Mississippi

State bird - Mockingbird

State flower - Magnolia

State tree - Magnolia

State song - Go Mississippi

State motto - Virtute et armis (By valor and arms)

Average yearly rainfall - 56.1 inches

Average temperatures - Summer: 70 degrees F, Winter: 50 degrees F

Latitude of Booneville - 88.57 degrees W

Longitude of Booneville - 34.66 degrees N

Average noon temperature during Gritzley's visit - 65.4 degrees F

Total rainfall during Gritzley's visit - 3.1 inches

US Congressional Representatives
US House - Roger F. Wicker, Bennie G. Thompson, Charles W. ''Chip'' Pickering, Ronnie Shows, Gene Taylor
US Senate - Thad Cochran & Trent Lott

Mississippi Governor - David Ronald Musgrove

Interstate highway closest to Booneville Middle School - US45

One thing Gritzley found out while he visited us was that the Blues is a music form that began in the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta and is considered the only music original to the United States. The University of Mississippi Blues Archive in Oxford, contains the world's largest collection of Blues music.

Gritzley found a great website that shares much information about Mississippi. The website is