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Where in the Southeast is Gritzley?

State & Local Facts

Clinton, North Carolina

State Flag

State Bird - Cardinal

State Flower - Flowering Dogwood

State Tree - Loblolly Pine

State Song - "The Old North State"

State Motto - Esse Quam Videri (To be rather than to seem)

State Seal


State's Average Yearly Rainfal l- 47.98 inches

State's Average Summer And Winter Temperature
Summer 82-90 degrees Fahrenheit
Winter 54-58 degrees Fahrenheit

Town's Latitude and Longitude - 35 degrees north latitude, 78 degrees west longitude

Average noon-time temperature during Gritzley's visit - 85 degrees Fahrenheit

Total rainfall during Gritzley's visit - 0.41 inches

Names of United States Senators: Jesse Helms and John Edwards

Names of Our U.S. Congressional Representatives - Eva M. Clayton, Bob Etheridge, Walter B. Jones, David Price, Richard Burr, Howard Coble, Mike McIntyre, Robin Hayes, Sue Wilkins Myrick, Cass Ballenger, Charles H. Taylor, Melvin L. Watt.

State Governor - Mike Easley

Interstate Highway Close to the School - Interstate 40

One thing Gritzley knows now that didn't know prior to his visit - How to eat grits with a hand carved fork and spoon.

North Carolina is a beautiful state with wonderful opportunities and educational systems. We, at Butler Avenue School, are proud to call North Carolina our home!