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Where in the Southeast is Gritzley?

State & Local Facts

Greenville, South Carolina
By Mrs. Morton's Kindergarten Class
Westcliffe Elementary School

The Carolina Wren is present in all areas of South Carolina from the coast to the highest mountain. The song, "tea-ket-tle, teakettle, teakettle," may be heard year-round, day & night, in all kinds of weather.
The Carolina Yellow Jessamine, a climbing plant which grows upon trees and fences, has funnel-shaped flowers with a fragrance of true Jasmine.
The state tree is the Sabal Palmetto and is commonly known as the cabbage Palmetto.
The state song is "Carolina" with words by Henry Timrod and music by Anne Custis Burgess.
South Carolina has two mottoes: "While I Breathe I Hope" refers to the figure of hope on the state seal, and "Ready in Soul and Resources."