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Autobugography Project Standards

Grade 5 Science

  • Identify producers, consumers, and decomposers, herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, parasites and saprophytes interacting in a food web.
  • Describe the importance of adaptation to animal and plant survival in their environment.
  • Classify invertebrates and vertebrates based on their characteristics.

Grade 5 Language Arts

  • Create graphic aids to illustrate written information and demonstrate proficiency in the writing process.


Digital Quilt Project Standards

Grade 5 Social Studies

  • Examine the interaction of individuals, families, businesses, and governments and the potential costs and benefits to the American economy.
  • Compare and contrast human and physical factors that affected economic development in various region.
  • Identify how economics can serve as a motivation for human behavior.



Soup-to-Nuts Project Standards

Grade 6-8 Social Studies

  • The student applies spatial and ecological perspectives to people, places, and environment using social studies tools of maps, resources, and technology.
  • The student analyzes migration patterns of people over time
  • The student measures distance in a variety of maps.
  • The student examines the economic interactions of individuals and families to determine the factors associated with the production of goods and services in the Eastern Hemisphere.
  • The student creates maps showing the trade and migration routes.