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Finding Ourselves

Developing a sense of place is important to the appreciation of where we are and where we come from. All too often, curriculum is disconnected from the familiar surroundings of the student thereby disconnecting the learning from place. This project attempts uses online resources to reestablish that connection to the surroundings and the curriculum while meeting demanding curriculum standards.

Project Summary
During this project, students will combine their social studies, science, language arts and math skills to take a look at where they are within the school, the county, the state and the world. Using both self developed and Internet images, the students will develop a geographic sense of not only where they are but who they are. Their work will be archived for future use and reflection.

Grade Level - K-8

Project Objectives
This project will allow students to build a geographic sense of place while learning about social studies, math, science, language arts and technology.

Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Technology.

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created 7/18/02