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Rivers - Above and Below Project

In this project, students will explore the environmental issues of river basins of the southeastern U.S.

Project Summary
The six southeastern states are crossed by a multitude of rivers. These water trails have provided the region transportation and a source of water for man and nature. Surrounding each river is its river basin, the area drained by the river and its tributaries.

In this project, students will learn about watersheds, aquifers, and sinkholes, and about the impact of current weather (flooding or low-water/drought) conditions on these river basins. They will identify the areas of a state covered by each river basin and whether that river basin sends its water into the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean

As a synthesis of this study, students will produce an environmental poster on one of the selected river basins or watersheds. Information on the poster is to include four of the seven items listed in the directions below. This poster will be submitted for posting in the Save the River Trails Gallery on the GRITS web site. The poster is to be computer-produced, photographed, or scanned and submitted as a jpeg file as directed below.

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to participating classes.

Grade Level - 6-12

Project Objectives
This project provides an opportunity for classes to combine the visual arts with research as they learn about river basins in the southeastern U.S.

Science (Environmental Education), Art Education, Mathematics, and Technology

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Updated 6/19/02