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Soup-to-Nuts Project

This project focuses on how historical settlement and the agriculture of an area impacts its foods and local recipes. Using research skills, expository writing, and map skills, students will work in teams to create electronic files on local recipes and foods.

Project Summary
Have you every wondered why a particular food product is celebrated in your community? Or why every local diner or restaurant has a regional or local dish? Perhaps you have always eaten a family favorite recipe that has been handed down for generations, but never thought about if it is a favorite in other communities? Why do we eat certain recipes or grow a particular food product in one community but not in another?

This online thematic project provides classes an opportunity to research the history of local foods and recipes by investigating the food or dish's origin to the region, and the roles history and agriculture play in a food or dish becoming established as local or regional cuisine.

Each class will select up to five foods or dishes that are considered indicative of the local or regional culture. Complete one background data sheet for each dish, recipe, or food, including a picture, recipe, and historical map tracing its arrival to the community.

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to participating classes.

Grade Level - 4-12

Project Objectives
This project will create an opportunity for classes to research and report how historical settlement and agriculture of an area impacts its foods and local recipes.

Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Creative Writing, Technology

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Updated 06/19/02