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Knoxville Zoo Trip
These are a few pictures from my trip to the Knoxville Zoo in Knoxville, Tennessee. I would like to thank my friends Benny and Andrew for taking me to the zoo.

Picture of Gritzley at Black Bear Falls Sign
This is me at the entrance to Black Bear Falls. (I am in the bottom corner)
Wow a real Black Bear! I wonder if we are related?
Picture of Gritzley with Black Bear in the Background
Picture of Gritzley with sign "Don't feed the Bears"
I am glad GRITS aren't on the list.

This is me with Tim Adams, the Director of Education for the Knoxville Zoo and two friends, Benny and Andrew.


Click here to see the Knoxville Zoo Website

Gritzley with Tim, Benny and Andrew


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Updated 7/25/02