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Math and Science

SERVE works extensively with schools and districts to improve mathematics and science education through a focus on teaching and learning. This mission is pursued by providing quality professional development, long-term and short-term technical assistance and developing and/or identifying and disseminating exemplary materials. These materials can be included in the written prime essay for those who need to be aware of all details of the scientific field.



Reading offerings at SERVE focus on research-based instruction to improve teacher practice and ultimately student achievement. This is evidenced by elementary and middle school Advancing Reading Achievement documents, research, and accompanying professional development; the on-line Literacy Exploration Activity Plans that combine reading research and practice on a variety of reading topics; GRITSonline and its standards-based content activities; Competent Assessment of Reading professional development activities that show how assessment impacts instruction; and Reading First products that focus on the five elements of reading instruction (print document), scientifically based reading research (website), professional development (website), and school leadership (website).


SERVE’s program on Technology in Learning focuses on improving the processes of teaching and learning through the use of emerging electronic technologies, including computers, the Internet, telecommunications, and software applications. Technology in Learning staff conducts research and development in strategies, methods, and materials and provides technical assistance and professional development to state education agencies, districts, and schools as well as to educators in other settings. As part of its Technology in Learning program, SERVE previously operated The SouthEast Initiatives Regional Technology in Education Consortium (SEIR*TEC)—a group of national, regional, and university-based organizations dedicated to promoting the use of technology to improve teaching and learning by providing technical assistance, authentic professional development in the areas of curriculum and instruction, leadership for technology, policy, and planning and evaluation.