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Conference Presentations & Workshops

NECC 2002 Presentations
View presentation delivered by SEIR*TEC staff at NECC 2002 in San Antonio. Topics include: web portals, handheld technologies, web accessibility, and R*TEC resources.

GRITSonline Presentation
Discover resources, thematic activities, and collaborative projects focusing on the southeastern United States. Great Resources for Integrating Technology in Schools (GRITS)at is rich in links and interdisciplinary projects on the southeastern US for students in grades 2-12. Also, meet Gritzley, the traveling GRITS Bear. 

Presentations from NECC 2001
View presentations delivered by SEIR*TEC staff at NECC 2001 in Chicago. Topics include professional development, evaluation, resources for assistive technologies, and more.

Using Needs Assessment to Build a Strong Case for Funding
This presentation will provide strategies and tips on how to conduct needs assessment to build a strong case for funding. The presentation is for anyone who is applying for technology grants. A set of seven surveys designed to assess the schools technology status and stakeholders perspectives on the use of technology in teaching and learning from school faculty, students, parents, administrators, technology coordinators, and business and community members.
Chalkboard of the Future:
Learning to Teach with Technology
Review some of the presentations and resources delivered during the recent Technology Institute at the Improving America's Schools Conference in Washington, DC provided educators with innovative strategies for using data to design and plan effective professional development.

Creating Web Pages:
Making Wise Decisions Before You Begin
With everyone jumping onto the Internet and creating web pages, there seems to be a lack of thoughtful design for effective and usable web pages. Learn some design considerations and avenues for planning or improving your school's web site. Examples of web pages developed by various grade levels and style guides that teachers may use with their students to evaluate the effectiveness of web pages are provided.

But I Don't Have a Computer Lab!
Using One Computer in the Classroom
How do teachers integrate technology into their curriculum with access to only one computer in their rooms? This presentation will share some ideas of how teachers in any subject area can effectively use a single computer for professional and student use. It also discusses issues related to making the most of the one computer classroom such as teaching strategies, computer placement, display issues, and software selections.

Managing One or More Computers in the Classroom without Losing Your Hair or Your Sanity!
Based on lessons learned through working with SEIR*TEC's intensive site schools, this presentation will discuss effective practices to impact teaching and learning. The presentation will share ideas and discuss relevant issues to effectively using technology in a one or few computer classroom. Using real-world examples, the presentation shares how students surf the Net, create electronic presentations, and develop student projects.
Stake It Out:
Profiling Progress in Integrating Technology
Tired of being asked if technology makes a difference? Various tools exist for profiling the impact of technology on teaching and learning. This session will review national tools as well as several developed by the SouthEast and Islands Regional Technology in Education Consortium.
Hit the Jackpot with R*TEC Resources
The ten Regional Technology in Education Consortia offer a wide range of resources for teachers, educational technology planners, students and parents. These resources are available in print and on the web through This Powerpoint presentation highlights several web resources from the R*TECS and presents them by like topics of student, teachers, staff development, evaluation, equity, etc. Specific resources from the northeastern and the southeastern R*TECs are noted.


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