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Southern Literary Map Project

The six southeastern states are "home" to many literary figures. Participate in the Southern Literary Map Project by submitting an article on a literary figure who was born in your state. Enhance your article with a digital picture, with appropriate crediting to the source
Project Summary
Students will identify an author born in their state. (Many authors now call the southeastern states "home," but not all were born in NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, or MS.) Using the format of the sample articles already posted as a guide to content and length, students will research their author and write a short description of the author, adding pictures and appropriate web links.
Grade Levels: 4-10
Project Objectives
Students collect information from the Internet and other media sources to write a life description of an author born in their state.
Language Arts and Technology
Steps for Participation
  1. Review the sample articles already posted for one of the states. Use one of these models to guide you as you write your article.
  2. Save the file as a text file.
  3. Locate and determine appropriate crediting for a photo for your literacy figure. Save the digital photo in either jpeg or gif format.
  4. Send an email message to with the following:
    • Name of the author of the article if not being submitted by an entire class.
    • The author's teacher, grade level, school, city, state, phone number, and wording for credits to add to the picture. (Only the school and grade level will be identified on the web page.)
  5. State in the body of the email that all parties grant SEIR*TEC the right to post the article and any photos on their website, www.gritsonline.org
  6. Attach the text file and photo.

The name of each literary figure will be added to the state page. Watch for your entry and see the Southern Literary Map grow!

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