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About Southern Sounds

This section of GRITS contains resources and
projects connected to a variety of thematic, digital sounds.

Southern Sounds Connected Projects

  • Rivers-Above and Below - This project explores environmental issues of river basins of thesoutheastern U.S.
  • River Songs - This project focuses on river songs--tales of the navigational trails in the six southeastern states.

Southern Sounds Resources

  • Alabama Music Hall of FameThis is the
    website of the Alabama Music Hall of Fame.
  • GeorgiaMusic Hall of FameThis is the website of the
    Georgia Music Hall of Fame.
  • Light the River This site describes the role of river lightkeepers and offers the song "Light the River."
  • Mississippi Musicians Hall of FameThis is the website of the
    Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame.
  • The Mississippi: River of SongThis PBS website is connected to a Smithsonian Institution series for public television and radio. It explores the richness and vitality of American music at the close of the twentieth century through live performances and intimate discussions with musicians along the course of the Mississippi River.
  • Ol' Man River Site featuring the Mississippi River and the melody for Ol' Man River.
  • State Bird Sounds of the Southeast This website is a GRITS collection of links to audio files for each state bird.
  • State Songs - Do you know your official state song? Ever heard it sung? Do you know who wrote it, and when? This site has words, digital recordings and brief histories of state songs (some states have more than one!), as well as a source to order sheet music and recordings.
  • Sounds of the SouthThis website, published by the Center for the Study of the American South, offers descriptions of 20 musical types of the South complete with two sound files for each type.
  • Songs about Rivers This website offers a collection of songs about rivers or songs associated with river activities.

Last Updated 6/19/02