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Science Adventurers
Time of Their Life Project

NASA (National Aeronautical and Space Agency) has several homes in the southeast and is home to many astronauts. Yet, the southeastern states are also home to adventurers in many areas of science--from inventors to Nobel Prize winners to discoverers. For the Time of Their Life project, www.gritsonline.org will list science adventurers of the southeast by state and will post submitted student descriptions of the "adventures" experienced by an astronaut, inventor, discoverer, or other scientist.
Project Summary
Students will research one or more of the adventurers and write a description of one of his/her adventures, including photos and appropriate Web links.
Grade Levels: 6-10
Project Objectives
Students will research and write about an identified individual and his/her time period.
Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Technology
Steps for Participation
  1. Review the list of adventurers posted for your state. Use the information on the linked page and any other information to which you have access to guide you as you write a description of one adventure that person has experienced. Include:
    1. Other events occurring during the timeframe of that adventure.
    2. Who was the US President during the time of the adventure.
    3. Who was the principal of your school during the time of the adventure, if your school existed at that time.
    4. The television ad for Coca Cola at the time of the adventure. Check: http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/ccmphtml/colahist.html
  2. Save the file as a text file.
  3. Locate and determine appropriate crediting for any photos that you may find to send with your adventure story.
  4. Save the digital photo in either jpeg or gif format.
  5. Send an email message to with the following:
    1. Name of the author of the article if not being submitted by an entire class,
    2. The author's teacher, grade level, school, city, state, phone number,
    3. Wording for credits to add to the picture. (Only the school and grade level will be identified on the web page.)
  6. State in the body of the email that all parties grant SEIR*TEC the right to post the article and any photos on their website, www.gritsonline.org
  7. Attach the text file and photo.

These adventure stories will be linked from the appropriate science adventurer listed on the state pages. Watch for your entry and see the list of Time of Their Life stories grow!