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Horrific Hurricanes
What's in a Name?

Overview: This activity requires students to research the history of specific hurricanes, write of Hurricane Brief containing specific information, and plot its course on a map.


  1. Using print or electronic-based resources, select a hurricane to research and find the following information.
    • Time period (dates during which the storm was classified as a hurricane)
    • Maximum intensity (i.e. Category 5)
    • Maximum sustained wind speed
    • Damage (in dollars)
    • Loss of life
    • Where it made landfall
    • Height of the storm surge
    • Path of the storm
    • Any other information deemed relevant
  2. Using a word processor, use the information from your research to write a narrative about the hurricane. This narrative will become the Hurricane Brief.
  3. Create a map of the hurricane's Storm Track. When possible, start with it's development as a tropical storm. Use dates to label the track. This map can be hand-drawn then digitally photographed/scanned or it can be created using graphic software. The end product must be picture file in jpeg or gif format.
  4. Send both the Hurricane Brief and the Storm Track as e-mail attachments to .
  5. The information will be compiled with others to create an online Hurricane Digest.


Hurricane: Eye of the Storm - This web site from The Weather Channel provides a lot of information about hurricanes.

Storm Encyclopedia: Hurricanes - This web site from The Weather Channel provide historical information on past hurricanes.

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Updated 6/24/02