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Conference and Institute

Arlington, VA
February 24-28, 2002


February 24-28, 2002  the U.S. Department of Education sponsored a National Planning Meeting to assist states in planning for the Enhancing Education Through Technology program in the No Child Left Behind Act.  State education technology leaders from 48 states and territories participated in this four-day event.

Downloadable files of many of the PowerPoint presentations are available. 

You can now listen to audio recordings of many of the conference presentations and Q&A sessions.  

Conference and Institute Program

Conference Sessions:

Educational Technology Opportunities in 
"No Child Left Behind"

Introduction to "Enhancing Education Through Technology"
John Bailey, Office of Educational Technology, USED

Flexibility and Transferability
Charles Lovett, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, USED

Institute Sessions:

What should state technology leaders know when designing and coordinating competitive grant programs for districts and schools?

Links to resources (32KB Word file)

A look at what the professional literature indicates regarding the use of technology.

What the Literature Indicates Regarding the Role of Technology in Teaching and Learning
Gil Valdez

Quality Professional Development for Technology Integration, Vicki Dimock, SCRTEC

What role does the library media program play in a high-tech learning environment to boost achievement?
David Loertscher, San Jose State University

Additional Resources:
Computer-Based Technology and Learning: Evolving Uses and Expectations  
Links to additional resources  (33KB Word file)

Strategic considerations for revising state plans.

State Policy Framework for Effective Technology Use
Chris Dede, Harvard University

Logic Maps for Planning and Evaluation 
Elizabeth Byrom, SEIR*TEC @ SERVE

Indicators for Measuring Progress in Advancing Classroom Technology
Melinda Maddox, Alabama Department of Education

Links to additional resources (39KB Word file)

Effective models and strategies that can assist states, districts, and schools in measuring the quality and impact of their technology programs.

Mississippi Online Technology Evaluation 
Helen Soulé, Mississippi Department of Education

Effective Models and Strategies in Evaluating Technology Programs 
Brenda Williams, West Virginia Department of Education

Evaluating Project Read/Write: A Learning Experience 
Zelia Frick, Guilford County Schools, North Carolina

2001 Texas STaR Chart: A Tool for Planning and Assessing School Technology and Readiness 
Anita Givens, Texas Education Agency

Asking the Right Questions  
Glenn Kleiman, NEIR*TEC

Links to additional resources (30KB Word file)



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