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Schools and Libraries Division
This not-for-profit corporation was appointed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to ensure that the benefits of telecommunications services reach students and communities across the country.

E-Rate Central
Simplify the E-Rate filing process.  This site provides tips for completing the application process, information on the latest FCC rulings, forms, states' E-Rate web sites, resources, links, and more.

E-rate in the Southeast:
North Carolina
South Carolina

How does Filtering Legislation affect E-Rate? (Word Document)
The Consolidated Appropriations Act 2001 (HR 4577) signed into law December 2000 requires libraries and schools to have in place a policy on Internet safety, including filtering technology, in order to receive Universal Services Discounts (E-Rate) or other funds to purchase computers used to access the Internet or to pay direct costs associated with accessing the Internet. Guidelines for compliance have not yet been issued by the FCC but there are some resources available to guide your efforts.
U.S. Department of Education
Fact sheets, announcements, application information and more. 
E-Rate Status in Southern States
Many schools have increased access to the Internet and other resources far more rapidly than they could have without the E-Rate. This article provides an overview of the status of E-Rate across the south.

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