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MAR*TEC Educational Software Preview Center
The Educational Software Preview Center is a collection of educational software and practitioner reviews

NetDay is a grassroots volunteer effort to wire schools so they can network their computers and connect them to the Internet. Labor and materials come from volunteers and support from companies, unions, parents, teachers, students, and school employees.

SREB's EvaluTech
EvaluTech is a searchable database of instructional materials specifically designed for kindergarten through grade 12.
SREB's Guidelines for Technology Equipment Selection and Use
A PDF document which offers suggestions that schools or other institutions could use when planning to acquire hardware or software.
Tech Corps
The mission of TECH CORPS is to recruit, place, and support volunteers from the technology community who advise and assist schools in the introduction and integration of new technologies into the educational system. Volunteers provide assistance with local planning, technical support and advice, staff training, mentoring, and classroom interactions. The organization utilizes the abilities of skilled volunteers across the country in an effort to prepare students, teachers, and schools for the 21st century.

State Hardware/Software Profiles:

NC: Instructional Technology Plan Technological Recommendations and Standards


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