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Technology Planning

Sample Technology Plans

A sample of state, district, and school technology plans in the southeast.

Introductory Readings

Professional Literature Review
A review of professional literature on the integration of technology into educational programs by Dr. Elizabeth Byrom, SEIR*TEC Director. (1997)

Using Technology to Support Education Reform
Department of Education document focusing on the challenges faced when implementing technology in support of school reform. (Archived Site)

Planning Materials

Assessing Technology Planning High Plains Regional Technology in Education Consortium (HPR*TEC) website has information and links for assessing technology planning.

National Center For Technology Planning
Clearinghouse for exchanging information related to technology planning.

Planning into Practice
As a result of SEIR*TEC's work at various school sites during the first project period, we found several valuable tools that are particularly useful in helping districts and schools create strategic educational technology plans.  We have included those tools along with some firsthand examples and stories from schools that have used them.

Resources for Guiding Questions for Technology Planning
A list of relevant questions for technology planning and sites which provide the answers. Courtesy of the NorthCentral RTEC.
School Technology Needs Assessment (STNA)
This needs assessment for technology planning was developed by SEIR*TEC at SERVE in collaboration with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Educational Technology Division. The STNA is specifically intended to assess the collective needs of a school staff, in realms related to the use of technology in education settings.

Technology Briefs for NCLB Planners
The Northeast and Islands Regional Technology Consortium (NEIRTEC) created this series to provide NCLB planners with effective strategies, key questions to consider, and selected resources that will inform the application and planning process.

Technology Planning For Adult Literacy
A brief overview of the technology planning process in adult literacy and a step-by-step process guide.


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