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This page is a repository of downloadable assessment tools for connecting this project to academic standards of the six southeastern states. These are offered as suggested "starting points" and are not intended as a sole means of assessing a standard.

To increase this GRITS resource, participating teachers are invited to share assessments they have created for use in their classrooms. Teachers wishing to do so should attach the assessment(s) to an e-mail message briefly summarizing its use and the state standard(s) it supports. E-mail the assessment(s) to .

Current Digital Community Quilt Project Assessment Tools

Digital Community Quilt Rubric (Grade 3-5) - This rubric focuses on areas of Technology Integration, Language Usage, Language Mechanics, Spelling, and Organization.  Connections to specific state standards are listed. MS Word file - 25K

Specific State Standard Connections

Digital Community Quilt Student Checklist (Grade 3-5) - This student checklist supports the above rubric. MS Word file - 21K


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